Does Rack Focus own our finished product?

   No. Your project belongs to you. All we ask is a “special thanks” somewhere in the credits.

Is there a certain line, prop, etc. we must include in our film?

   No. We don’t want to limit your creativity.

Is there a limit to content (PG-13, family friendly, etc?)

   No, there is no limit to your content. Express yourself!

Can I pitch more than one idea at the PITCH SESSION/MIXER?

   Yes. Take those 2 minutes to pitch as many ideas as you want as long as the submission fee is paid for each project. Fee is non-refundable so be confident in your pitch ideas!

Can I still join the competition if I’m not at the PITCH SESSION/MIXER?

   Yes. The PS/M is mainly to give you access to potential cast/crew members and the opportunity to share your idea to a room of industry professionals.

Can I use cast/crew that didn’t attend the PS/M?

   Yes. Use anyone you want.

Can I use SAG actors?

   Yes. You can use whomever you like.

Can I submit a film I shot in the past?

   No. All films should begin principle photography the day of the pitch session or after.

Can I shoot a script I previously wrote?

   Yes. The script can be written at any time.

Is it considered cheating if I practice with my equipment and do test shots?

   No, as long as any of that test footage isn’t a part of your final film.

What if my film is over 10 minutes?

   It will not be screened or eligible to compete.

What if I miss the deadline?

   That project will not be screened or eligible to compete in the competition or any future competitions/screenings associated with Rack Focus.

If my film isn’t finished by the deadline can I submit for the next round?

   No. That project will not be eligible for any future Rack Focus rounds.

Does my film have to be shot in the DFW area?

   No, but we encourage you to stay local since this is a Dallas-based competition.

Is there a limit to our budget?

   No. Spend as little or as much as you like!

Can I use stock footage?

   Yes. You can use up to a total of 10 seconds of stock footage per project.


                FILM DELIVERABLES:

                * MOVIE FILE:   1080p     .mov

                    * YouTube or Vimeo link

                    * movie poster/image

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You have 2 minutes on microphone to pitch your idea. You can pitch as many ideas as you want and you can say or give any information you want (ex. roles needed, locations needed, even Q&A with the crowd). Feel free to use those 2 minutes for whatever you want. If you choose not to pitch, choose someone who will best represent your pitch for you!

You don’t have to be present to enter the competition. The PS/M will benefit you with providing immediate access to potential cast & crew members. If you can’t be present during the session you may pay the submission fee before the 3rd day after the PS/M.

All projects entered must not begin production until after the PS/M. The script can be written beforehand, certain casting choices and location scouting or anything considered pre-production is fine - but no actual principle photography should be shot/filmed.

There’s a submission fee for each film (TBD). This is non-refundable. So be confident in your decision to enter! This fee must be paid in full before you pitch.

Rack Focus reserves the right to refuse any project from the competition.

*     *     *     *     *


All projects turned in on time shall be screened and “cleared” by Rack Focus. Cleared meaning: all projects are void of copywritten logos, music, brand names, etc. If not, filmmaker must provide contracts proving permissions to use them.

All filmmakers must abide by the Rack Focus rules and planned timelines of releasing promotional materials such as movie posters, movie trailers, memorabilia, press releases or anything associated with promoting their films.

  1. *    *     *     *     *


All competing filmmakers can promote their film at the premiere by giving away free items associated with their film but no raffles or contests of the filmmakers’ memorabilia will be allowed.